Belloccio Spray Tan Reviews [Detailed Review]

Belloccio Spray Tan Reviews
Belloccio Spray Tan Reviews

Belloccio Spray Tan Reviews: Shifting from traditional makeup and inculcating a spray machine can be tricky, especially the spray tan. Having an exotic approach towards your tan at home, it is essential to be equipped with the proper tools. Belloccio spray tan machine is simple to use. It produces a smooth and natural-looking tan. In the era of a customer-conscious market, it becomes essential to first thoroughly go through reviews and feedback before diving into the market for a product. Keeping that in mind, our team has curated Belloccio spray tan reviews after personally using and researching Belloccio spray tans.

All you have to do is just connect one end of the 10-foot air hose to the turbine air pump unit and the other end to the plastic HVLP spray gun. Fill the bottle with your ideal tanning solution. Then attach it to the spray gun, and you are all set to spray.

The tan spay kit comes with four tanning solutions, i.e. three (8 percent, 10 percent, and 12 percent) DHA solutions and one Opulence Tanning Solution. This gives you full liberty to select a product that is ideal for your skin tone. Moreover, it comes with a tanning accessory kit that includes everything from foot caps to nose filter plugs.

Things that come along Belloccio spray tan kit

  • Model TC-20 Professional High-Performance Airbrush Tanning Compressor System
  • Master Model AB2010 Deluxe Single Action Suction Feed Airbrush – Have a 4 Ounce Plastic Fluid Bottle and a 0.3mm Fluid Tip.
  • Premium tanning solution for medium to dark skin tones (olive, Caribbean, Latin, Mediterranean).
  • Belloccio Sunless Tanning Solution Variety Pack (4oz Bottles) with Medium and Dark Bronzer Color Guides
  • 8% DHA Simple Tan Tanning Solution: For fair to medium skin tones.
  • 10% DHA Simple Tan Tanning Solution: For most skin tones (fair, mild and medium to darker olive, Caribbean, Latin, Mediterranean).
  • 12% DHA Simple Tan Tanning Solution: For medium to dark skin tones (olive, Caribbean, Latin, Mediterranean)
  • Opulence Tanning Solution: Belloccio’s superior DHA tanning solution works with any skin tone and provides an accelerated full tan within 4 hours.
  • Belloccio Spray Tanning Tent Booth: Dimensions: 4′ x 4′ Bottom; 6.5′ High.
  • 10 Pairs of Tanning Feet Pads, 10 Disposable Hair Net Caps, 10 Disposable Bras, 10 Disposable Panty Thongs and 10 Disposable Nose Filter Plugs.

A quick guide to starting your Belloccio spray tan system

  1. Attach the white hose to the compressor and the airbrush.
  2. Attach the airbrush to one of the gravity-feed plastic cups.
  3. Plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet and connect it to the compressor.
  4. The on/off/mode switch will illuminate, indicating that the compressor is ready to operate.
  5. Look for the oval button. The on/off switch is located on the button’s left side.
  6. The mode of airflow – light, medium or high – is controlled by the right side.
  7. The makeup is placed in the gravity feed plastic fluid cup (which comes in two sizes: 3/4 and 1.5 fluid oz. ), and the trigger regulates the flow of air and tanning lotion.

Simple Tan Solutions contains Bronze and Natural Bronzing components to offer you an immediate bronze color. It will enable you to achieve an instant appearance of being tanned. A Clear solution is also available for those who are familiar with the application process and do not require visual cues to avoid blotches and stripes while applying with an airbrush. 

Getting a seamless look can be quite tricky initially; thus, users are advised to use solutions with bronze color guides. It is only recommended to use a clear solution after you are confident with your spraying techniques and can spray all areas without the color guide.

Note: Your skin sheds dead cells every three days. Your tan will only last as long as it takes you to shed the epidermis’s outer dead layer.

But the good news is that you can still extend your tan by: 

  • Reapply the sunless or self-tanner about every three days 
  • You can keep your tan dark and rich by using a “tan-extender lotion” between sprays every one or two weeks.

How to achieve a perfect Tan: Guide to prep yourself 

  • Take a bath and exfoliate thoroughly. This will help you to remove surface skin that is ready to peel. 
  • Apply nail polish or clear polish to your nails if possible to prevent pigmentation.
  • Never make the mistake of putting on lotions, creams, makeup, or other products before spraying the tan. Moreover, you should not wear any jewelry as it could prevent the tanning solution from penetrating, thus causing uneven application or streaking.
  • Always wear an old and dark-colored bathing suit or undergarments to prevent your clothes from soiling. Long hair should be tucked into a hairnet or tied back and away from the face and neck.
  • Always dress in loose clothing after applying the tanning solution. There are high chance that tanning solutions will stain the garments you wear. Thus, it is essential to wear something old and dark. Avoid white or light-colored natural fibers.
  • Never sit on light-colored or leather furniture, especially during monsoon season, as this may transfer the still-active solution to materials and discolor them. Wash all the garments once the tanning session is over. 


  • Cover your eyes, nose, or mouth properly to avoid getting the mist
  • Make sure to do a patch test, as you might be allergic to some ingredients listed on the product label. Stop using the product and consult your doctor on contacting any allergy or reaction while using the product.
  • Avoid breathing in the spray mist.

Guide to Apply the Tan Properly

When using on yourself:

  • Fill the fluid cup halfway with the Tanning Solution of your choice.
  • Turn on the airbrush and select the medium/high setting. 
  • To ensure that the solution is flowing properly, test the gun by spraying a small amount into a sink.
  • Use overlapping circular motions to apply it to your skin. 
  • Get a natural appearance by spraying on the tops of your feet and hands.
  • Cover your hair with a towel, fold your lips, and close your eyes while doing your makeup. Remember to hold the airbrush like a pen, pulling the trigger with your index finger.
  •  Remember to keep the airbrush at 6-8 inches away from the surface of your skin.

When using professionally:

  • Always go with a thin layer on the face and eventually work your way down to the neck and chest. You can even reverse the procedure if the client feels uncomfortable starting from the face. 
  • Once you are done with the upper half, spray tan on the tummy as well. If they want, you can continue down the front of the legs to the feet.
  • On completing the front, ask your client to turn and finish the back to complete their upper body. To give a completely seamless look, it is essential to spray inside of the leg. Ask your client to hold one foot out.
  • Eventually, turn your client to spray on the sides, outside, and inside of the arm and neck.
  • Moreover, you have to ask your client to bend or stretch to avoid any folds or creases under buns, breasts, or other areas while applying the tan. 
  • Once you are done with all the areas, it is recommended to have an additional coat of tan spray on the face of the client. Examine all the areas thoroughly to look for any sparse or excess coverage.
  • Sometimes solutions can be runny. You can fix it by bloating it with a towel and spraying a thin layer to accommodate the lost tan. To speed up the drying process, you can spray the dry air from the gun.
  • Please refrain from bringing down their arms against their sides or pressing their thighs until the tan is completely dry.

Tips to Maintain your Belloccio Spray Tan Equipment

Once you are done tanning, wash the fluid cup with clean water. Spray drops of a gentle liquid cleaner via the brush into the sink or onto a paper towel until all of the tanning solutions have been washed from the airbrush. 

After washing it off, remove the fluid cup and pat it dry. Spray the airbrush machine until only dry air comes through. The tanning solution should not be left in the fluid cup/airbrush overnight.

Systematic guidelines to clean the Airbrush System:

  1. Spin off the brush’s back end or handle.
  2. Lossen up the “needle chucking nut”, but do not unplug it 
  3. Remove the needle carefully.
  4. Pull the needle over a paper towel or tissue with a few drops of cleaning solution or water on it 
  5. Remove the needle cap and use a cotton swab to clean any tanning residue on the edges of the cap 
  6. The product buildup could obstruct or reduce the fine atomization of the tanning solution on the next use.
  7. Replace the needle gently by tapping the end to ensure it is properly inserted.
  8. Fasten the needle-chucking nut if necessary.
  9. After you replace the handle, your airbrush is ready to use.

Advantages of Belloccio spray tan “DHA” Tanning Solutions:

  • It is Concocted with 8.5 percent and 12.5 percent pure organic DHA to suit a variety of skin types.
  • The Organic DHA and other natural botanical ingredients will keep your skin with a rich dark golden bronze tan that will last longer than other solutions.
  • It comes with an ideal DHA/Erythrulose ratio to yield a beautiful, natural-looking tan.
  • There will be no running, streaking, or orange spots.
  • Inculcates formula that dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue
  • The medium and dark bronzer guides both provide instant color to aid in even application.
  • A formula based on aloe vera to aid in skin moisturization and the prevention of dried-out skin.
  • It provides a natural fade that is even, gentle, and gradual.
  • Free from parabens and alcohol.

Tips for choosing an appropriate tanning solution by skin type

Skin Type I

Skin with a very light tone frequently burns and takes a lot of time in tanning. On exposure to sunlight, the skin further reddens, forms freckles, and darkens up the spots. 


  • Choose a Low DHA percentage, such as 8.5%.
  • Go with a color palette in the medium range. The medium color guide has red undertones and appears natural on skin types one and two.

Skin Type II

Just like Type One, this one is also a bit tricky to get tanned. But still, it is possible to get a tan for a short period.


  • Choose a Low DHA percentage, such as 8.5%.
  • Go with a color palette in the medium range. The medium color guide has red undertones and appears natural on skin types one and two.

Skin Type III

Tans on type three skin last for many days. This skin type typically has some olive skin tones.


  • People with Skin Type III should choose DHA percentages such as 8.5% or 12.5%. It is recommended to test and try to see what is best for you.
  • Go with a color guide that is in the medium to dark range.
  • If you have olive undertones, you are suggested to try the dark color guide.

Skin Type IV

  • Skin Type IV is generally associated with the Caribbean, Latin, or Mediterranean complexion.
  • It is an Olive skin that easily tans to a golden brown color. This skin type is the embodiment of every other skin type.
  • This type holds a tan for at least a week. The Tans will have a golden to rich brown color.


  • People with Skin Type IV should choose DHA percentages such as 12.5%. It is recommended to take aid from a dark color guide.
  • Dark Color Guide has brown tones that appear natural and give off a rich chocolate glow.

The Verdict:

  • Tan machine comes with a 2-year warranty 
  • Long-lasting and flexible air hose
  • Inculcates lightweight spray gun
  • Offers you four different types of tanning solutions to suit your skin type
  • A tanning tent booth is used for mess-free applications
  • The solution is made from a Vitamin and antioxidant-rich formula


  • Might be through a heavy spray
  • Inconsistency in spray usually occurs.

Belloccio Spray Tan is a natural tanning solution crafted to provide an even tan by melding vitamins and antioxidants to revitalize, tighten, and moisturize skin. It delivers a DHA sunless tanning solution that is the only safe alternative to UV tanning. It is not only simple but completely safe and effective. Moreover, it comes with a manual intended to assist you in using and maintaining your airbrush. With almost no major cons, it can be considered an excellent substitute for harmful UV tanning. I hope this Belloccio spray tan review helps you in making a wise choice.

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