Luminess Silk Airbrush Reviews [Ultimate Guide]

Luminess Silk airbrush reviews
Luminess Silk airbrush reviews

Luminess Silk airbrush reviews: Who does not like to look fantastic and put forward their best face?

Makeup comes in handy in such situations. It not only enhances our existing features but gives a sheer cover-up to all your flaws. 

Currently, various makeup products are available in the market to beautify your beauty. Each product, especially a foundation, is meticulously curated as per the different skin textures. It is essential to choose the proper foundation to avoid cakiness or dryness. A true definition of a perfect foundation is something that suits your skin tone, composition, and even your face cut. Yes, one foundation must meet all these criteria to be number one. You Must be wondering, does it even exist? 

Yes, it does– Airbrush Makeup. 

Airbrush foundations are the best way to achieve flawless cosmetics and great looks. You have no idea what you’re missing if you don’t claim one!

In these recent times, Luminess Silk Airbrush has been gaining immense popularity. As you might expect, this system applies makeup with an airbrush stylus. The outcome is a seamless and renewed look, just like that offered by a professional makeup artist.

With the vast amount of available shades, it can become difficult to decide the correct shade for your skin. Fortunately, the Luminess System includes a tone-matching system. All you need to do is upload a photograph of your face, preferably in natural light. As soon as you upload, your makeup artist will be able to provide you with the perfect shade match for your skin tone.

Luminess Air Airbrush System offers you photo-quality and flawless-looking skin in just a single spray. No more hassle of appointing professional makeup artists; achieve professional results in your own home with the Luminess Airbrush System. Along with being made from durable material, it is completely portable, making it easy to travel. The Luminess Air Airbrush System is dermatologist-tested and approved. It gives you long-lasting results without ever touching your face. But before you jump in to buy it, let’s check Luminess Silk Airbrush Reviews. 

Key Features of Luminess Silk Airbrush

One of the most prominent key features of Luminess Silk Airbrush is its timings. It takes a comparatively shorter time to complete your look than that of many competing airbrush makeup products. Moreover, it offers full coverage for a majority of your blemishes and sun damage occurring on your skin.

At present, there are 12 different foundation shades available in the kit. Thus, providing you with ample options and coverage for a wide range of skin tones.

Luminess foundations hold the capacity to conceal fine lines and other skin flaws, thus, avoiding the need for concealer. It is water and mineral-based, thence making it perfect for sensitive skin. Furthermore, it will never clog the pores, all thanks to its unique formulation. It’s free of oil and alcohol.

There are, in total, eight blush colors to choose from. The kits are available in a variety of skin tones– fair, medium, warm, tan, and deep. The included moisturizer helps hydrate your skin, which is usually not found in other makeup kits. You will get a one-year warranty on the Luminess silk airbrush. It is a complete airbrush makeup system that includes all of the tools you’ll need for flawless makeup application.

Things found in the kit:

Airbrush Stylus – The component of this system that helps you spray the airbrush makeup is known as the airbrush stylus or airbrush gun. The stylus has a sliding trigger that allows you to control the output pressure; push it back for a more precise and pressured spray, or press it about halfway for a more even and balanced application.

Airbrush Compressor – An airbrush compressor is a device that supplies pressurized air to the stylus. This compressor has a one-button operation. All you have to do is press the button and plug in the compressor to power the unit and send air pressure to the stylus.

An Instructional Video – Learning to airbrush makeup takes time and patience. A meticulously curated video comes with the kit that provides instructions and tips for using the Luminess system.

Foundation – One of the benefits of this makeup is that it does not have to be as close to your skin tone as a traditional foundation. These two foundation bottles are suitable for most skin tones.

A Moisturizer – Although Luminess uses mineral and water-based makeup, it is always a good idea to moisturize your skin before applying it.

Blush – This is an airbrush blush that works just like a regular blush.

Highlighter – This airbrush highlighter can be very useful if you want to lighten up specific areas to make them appear more accentuated.

Hose – Luminess airbrush system provides plenty of hosing, so you don’t have to be too close to the compressor.


  • It comes with a travel-friendly carrying case
  • The compressor and stylus are easy to use
  • When used correctly, it gives your skin a natural appearance
  • Luminess Air comes with a “how-to” DVD to assist you in learning the system.
  • The makeup lasts the entire day
  • It’s water-resistant
  • The Ultra Foundation is very easy to construct


  • To give a seamless finish, a lot of product is used
  • If you over-apply, it can look cakey.
  • It takes dedicated practice to use it correctly.
  • Comparatively Expensive

Types of Luminess Air Systems

Luminess Air provides two types of airbrushing systems to its customers. The company acknowledges that everyone’s skills to apply makeup varies, thence offering you two options:

Luminess Air Legend System

​​The Luminess Air Legend airbrush systems are intended for those who are new to the world of airbrush makeup. You can learn to apply a wide range of makeup effects using this system.

The Legend System allows you to personalize your compressor and is available in four distinct colors — rose gold and black, aqua and white, hot pink, black and white.

This Luminess system version includes the following:

  • Two ultra foundation bottles
  • One blush bottle
  • One skin-brightening glow bottle
  • one moisturizer or primer bottle

Luminess Air Pro System

The Luminess Air Pro System is meticulously designed for more experienced and professional airbrush users. The Legends system uses a compressor with a simple on/off button for operation. On the other hand, the Pro system uses a dial with three speeds. These speeds effectively assist you in adjusting the pressure per square inch (PSI) of the stylus. Thus making it a useful tool for more experienced users.

In addition to the makeup options included with the Legend system, the Pro system includes a bottle of bronzer.

Final Luminess Silk Airbrush Reviews

In all, the Luminess Silk Airbrush Makeup System is an excellent option for everyone searching for long-lasting makeup, is sweat-proof, does not clog pores, and is suitable for sensitive skin. You’ll be surprised at how simple and quick it is to remove the Luminess makeup at the end of the day. While it isn’t suitable for heavier makeup applications, it is ideal for moderate daily wear.

The Luminess Silk Airbrush System has received numerous positive feedback from users. It appears to be the traditional type of airbrush makeup system used by both professionals and beginners. Intimidating? But the prospect of appearing professional is mindblowing. To begin with, you have to use this device near an outlet because it must be plugged in to turn it on. When it’s ready, the air is suctioned through the adaptor box and released via the handheld stylus. Professionals apply the makeup by holding the stylus like a pen or pencil and moving it in circular motions around the face. It’s very simple to drop droplets of foundation into the handheld device’s reservoir, and the product doesn’t come out until you gently pull back on the applicator.

Luminess Silk Airbrush compressors’ USP is its adjustable airflow. Now you won’t always have to change the settings while doing your makeup. For example, you can go without switching while applying a highlighter, foundation or blush. It will adjust the flow accordingly. You do not have to adjust any dials. Just simply pull back on the trigger with your finger. You just have to do it more or less as per the product you are using. 

Moreover, after using it, you will realize how simple it is to remove your Luminess makeup at EOD. This system is not intended for large-scale makeup applications but is ideal for everyday use. When you compare the Luminess Makeup System to other systems, you will quickly realize how simple it is to use. This is why it is the best product for people just starting with airbrush makeup.

It’s also great for your skin because it’s infused with a slew of skin-loving ingredients like antioxidant-rich blue algae, anti-inflammatory cucumber, and hydrating calendula. In addition, hydrolyzed silk is included in the formula to refract light and leave skin supremely smooth and radiant.

Every good thing comes with a cost. On similar grounds, even Luminess Silk Airbrush has some flaws. The stylus of the machine often clogs up from time to time. If this happens, all you have to do is unclog the stylus with your fingers, some water, or any other professional tool.

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