Is Airbrush Makeup good for Oily Skin? [Debunking]

is airbrush makeup good for oily skin
is airbrush makeup good for oily skin

Every woman dreams of looking flawlessly perfect on her wedding day or any other special occasion. Isn’t that right? Unfortunately, With all the additional oily skin problems, it becomes a cumbersome task for women to get a flawless oil-free look through makeup. In such situations, Airbrush Makeup comes to the rescue.  

If you have oily skin, you may wonder, “Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin?” It truly depends on the individual. It works like magic for some people but may not work for others. But, in any case, it is unquestionably superior to traditional makeup. But before we discuss the benefits of airbrush makeup for oily skin, let us know a bit more about it.


Airbrush makeup is a beauty tool that is powered by air. It incorporates a compressor, an air hose, an AC adaptor, and a gun or stylus to achieve a flawless finish. Unlike traditional makeup, airbrush makeup uses a specially formulated foundation that is applied by spraying rather than blending with a sponge or foundation brush. As a result, it is appropriate for both men and women with oily skin.


  • Before you go in with any makeup, it becomes equally essential to prep your skin to get the best results. It is always recommended to use a good cleanser to remove dead skin. 
  • Secondly, It is critically important to use a good moisturizer and wait until your skin dries before using airbrush products. People with oily skin might skip moisturizers. It is a blunder. Your skin will eventually try to overcompensate by producing even more oil. That’s the last thing you want.
    Note: Only use a primer if your airbrush makeup is water or silicone-based. With a silicone-based formula, only use a silicone-based primer and the same with a water-based formula for the best results.
  • Using an airgun or stylus pen can be intimidating when you switch from your regular blenders and brushes. To get the best of the best from airbrush makeup, pour the foundation into the airgun’s tiny chamber and evenly spray it onto the skin. 
  • A superfine mist of foundation will cover your face when pressing the trigger. You will get a flawless skin texture and makeup that will evenly sit on your skin.

The foundation they usually use has a water-like consistency and is made up of various formulas. Some examples are:

Water-based: A water-based airbrush foundation formula inculcates finely ground pigments to provide thin and light coverage. It produces a matte finish that can cause difficulty in blending if you have dry skin.

Silicone-based: A silicon-based foundation formula comes with two bases. The first and initial base is made with water, and silicon incorporates the secondary base. Their proper amalgamation makes your makeup sweat-resistant and long-lasting. This is also the secret to concealing large pores and fine lines.

Alcohol-based: As the name implies, the formulation is based on alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol quickly dries out the skin when used frequently and excessively. As a result, this is mainly used to make fake tattoos.

Before you make a final judgment about Airbrush makeup, let’s have a look at both sides of the coin.

Offers a natural look: Say bye-bye to cakey makeup. Unlike traditional foundation, airbrush makeup forms a thin consistency and provides you with light coverage.

Offers a Long-lasting look: The silicone-based airbrush foundation gives you a sweat-resistant and long-lasting look. Thus, most bridal clients are recommended to go with airbrush makeup during their wedding. No more constant touch-ups.

Quick to apply: Airbrush makeup formula dries quickly. Thus, it makes applying to your entire face easy and quick.

Since everything comes with a cost, even airbrush makeup has some shortcomings:

Expensive: Airbrush makeup is comparatively more expensive than your regular makeup. From the tool to the foundation, the formula is meticulously integrated for better results, thus making it unique and expensive. It is always recommended to use it before going for a final say.  

Limited Shade Palette: Airbrush foundation comes in a limited number of shades and brands. The majority of foundations are standard shades. 

Not suitable for all skin types: Airbrush makeup tends to sit perfectly on naturally hydrated and well-moisturized skin. Thus, working miraculously well on oily skin. If you have dry skin, it tends to give a cracked or flat look. Therefore, making traditional makeup a better alternative.  

Difficult to touch up: You tend to do touch-ups at some point. Unfortunately, airbrush makeup is more difficult to remove than traditional makeup. Because it dries quickly and has a matte finish, it must be applied gradually, evenly, and correctly.

Now comes the main question: 


As already mentioned, the makeup foundation used in the airbrush system employs special ingredients to offer a lightweight, long-lasting, and smooth finish to your skin. Thus, making most of the brides go with airbrush makeup on their big day. Now the question arises, Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin? Absolutely YES. 

Airbrush makeup offers long-lasting wear and a flawless finish, thus making it an excellent choice for those with oily skin. There are chemical formulations that are designed to reduce oil production, providing oily skin people with healthy results. 

A millennial or even a GenZ must have had an encounter with traditional makeup in their lifetime. Hence, you must have seen the layers of makeup coated to get a flawless look. Moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer are an arbitrary order for concealing large pores and blemishes. Isn’t it heavy? Excessive layering frequently results in cakey makeup. On the other hand, the Airbrush makeup formula is ready to use and easy to apply.

Airbrush foundation formula comes in various bases, making it essential for you to check which foundation base will keep your skin from becoming oily throughout the event. Thence, it is always recommended to consult your makeup artist for a trial application. 

Almost all of the airbrush makeup products are water and transfer-proof. This feature of airbrush makeup makes it an excellent choice for people with oily skin. No amount of sweat or excess oil on your face will cause your makeup to crease. You also don’t have to do quick touch-ups every thirty to forty-five minutes. Airbrush makeup, once again, settles nicely into the pores, reducing the likelihood of your makeup slipping away to a greater extent.

An airbrush makeup enhances your appearance both in person and on camera. Not only foundation, but airbrush makeup comes with a range of blushers, bronzers, and highlighters. Apart from being a long-lasting and oil-free formula, it is an idle choice in this current pandemic. Since it does not come in contact with your skin, it ends up being a sanitary product.

The whole airbrush makeup system might look complicated at first glance. Most people pay other professionals to get it done. But you can save all those extra bucks by roping yourself with an at-home airbrushing kit with minimal practice. Once you get handy with the product, the application becomes much quicker than traditional makeup. 


Everything comes with a cost! On similar grounds, even Airbrush makeup has disadvantages and advantages. It can be beneficial for some and risky for others. Besides, people with minimal blemishes and dry skin can go for traditional makeup smoothly. After all, It’s way cheaper and more practical.
Meanwhile, if you’re still asking,” Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin?” it’s a big yes from us! It’s highly recommendable! As previously stated, airbrush makeup requires the use of specialized foundations. It’s designed to last a long time without leaving your face greasy, which is especially important for weddings.

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