7 Best Spray Tan Machine(2024)-Expert Reviews & Buyer’s Guide.

Looking a good alternative to harmful skin-damaging UV rays that receives from sunbathing or using a tanning bed?

A ‘Best Spray Tan Machine’ is all you are looking for.

But going to a salon for spray tanning can cost you a good amount of money every time.

What if I tell you that I am here to solve both of your problems with one solution?

So, what’s the solution?

Buying your own ‘Tanning Spray Machine’.

You see, buying your own set-up of Spray Tan Machine and Tent is inexpensive.

Here is the list of top amazing tan spray kits that can easily be used by you at an effective cost.

In case you are in hurry, here’s our top pick.

Our Top Rated ‘Best Airbrush Spray Tan Machine


#1 Maxi-Mist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning KIT

Maxi-Mist-Lite-Plus-HVLP-Sunless-Spray-Tanning-KitKit content :

  • Satin Aire Spray head with three 5 oz cups, 2 lids
  • On Board Spray Gun Storage
  • Detailed Instruction Manual, and Maximist Tech Support access
  • Heavy Fabric Tent and Oversized Carry Bag 
  • Spare parts kit included free
  • Cup with a conical design

This German engineered, providing with procession and performance comes out to be one of the reliable product for your usage. Maxi-Mist has already matched with the industry standard for equipment quality check. The quit provides HVLP sunless spray tanning to suit your every need. The kit has a specialized designed sprayed gun which has both vertical and horizontal pattern for your effective usage. The gun also has flow adjustment system for you to get the desired pressure and coverage. Keeping your preferences in the mind, the needles has been specially made non-stick to give a clog free. Moreover, the spray machine has a wide base for optimal solution pick-up. This kit is very useful for beginners because of it effective designing and detailed instruction manual. The kit only weighs 5lb making it perfect for traveling purpose for you. And don’t forget that extra large size Clear View Top Pop Up tent with roomy carry bag making. All the products included in the kit is absolutely 100% vegan thus not tested on any animal. All the ingredients inside the formula are purely organic making it best for sensitive skin. It is gluten and paraben free.  It has CE, EU, ECAL Certifications and a 1 year warranty on Turbine motors.

Some of the clients are complaining about the orange tint in the spray despite excellent working machine.


  • Full and natural coverage
  • not tested on any kind of animal
  • Paraben and gluten free
  • Small amount for full coverage
  • Suits sensitive skin
  • Simple and portable


  • Noisy machine
  • Orange tint in the spray

#2 Fuji Mini Tan M Model System Spray Tan :

Fuji-Mini-Tan-M-Model-system-spray-tan-HVLPKit content :

  • User manual containing training on Spraying Techniques.
  • Adjustable spray machine
  • Airbrush Compressors

This mini tan machine is a combination of most powerful and smallest system that is specially designed according to your mobility comfort without shortcutting the quality standards. The machine complies with rigorous electrical & safety standards: UL/CSA approved for cosmetic use; reset safety switch. The body of the applicator is purely built from metal which enables in featuring durable textured finish. The product has stainless steel fluid component. For the desired pressure and coverage the gun has adjustable knob along with adjustable fluid control. Unlike other tanning machines, it does not requires regular cleanups as it comes with washable and replaceable air filters and has a reset safety switch. The noise formation is comparatively ½ than the others. Either a high volume spa or mobile tan business, this machine is idle for both. One of its USP is Heat Dissipation Box located at the rear of the case which channelizes the exit of excessive heat. The machine comes with 24 months warranty.


  • Full and natural coverage
  • Small amount for full coverage
  • Simple and portable
  • 24 months warranty.
  • Heat Dissipation Box


  • Doesn’t comes with a tent bag

#3 Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit

Black-Fascination-FX-Spray-Tanning-KitKit content:

  • Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning System with spray gun and hose
  • 8 oz – Luminance Medium Dark Tan Solution.
  • 8 oz – Radiance Ultra Dark Tan Solution.
  • 8 oz – Vibrance Rapid Develop Tan Solution.
  • Large Pop-Up “Skylight” Style Spray Tanning Tent with the built-in floor and large carry bag

In the era of elegance and beauty, Black fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit comes with bold contours and silver trim accents. If you are a mobile tanner then it can be on your list due to its compact and lightweight design. This tan spray formula not only completes its basic function of tanning but also provides you with rejuvenated skin with properties of caffeine and vitamins enriched formula like A,C,E,B5 . It is paraben free and provides you a naturally glowing moisturized skin. The structural designing enables it to be a super quiet machine. The spray gun provides optimized spray thus helping in reducing wastage of your product. Focus airbrush tanning solution is made from natural, organic DHA and is fortified with antioxidants.

But even after all these facilities, not all customers gave a thumbs up. People mostly complained of spotty spray and lack of a proper in-depth manual.


  • Simple and portable
  • Paraben-free
  • Caffeine properties and vitamins enriched
  • Optimized spray


  • No warranty
  • No manual or CD
  • Spotty spray

#4 Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit:

Aura-Allure-Spray-Tan-Machine-KitKit content:

  • Allure Spray Tanning Machine
  • Norvell 3 Pack Spray Tan Product Bundle
  • Extra Large “Skylight” Style Spray Tanning Tent with Carrying Bag
  • Focus Luminance Medium Tan
  • Focus Radiance Ultra Dark Tan
  • Focus Vibrance Rapid Tan

Allure spray products have a satin spray technology known for its low overspray and smooth coverage with the finest mist all over your skin. Many previous machines complaint that they cannot talk with their clients while using the machine but this machine assures you the silence where you can have a good conversation.It is compact and easy to carry machine. The fine and glass finish gives the machine a lavish and classy look. The solution dial has been specially designed for the tanning market and gives you a  0-2fl oz of solution control. The overspray solution is channelized behind side panel and carefully pass through the filter hidden underneath the unit. TO ensure your tan lasts a long time use a good amount of lotion daily and keep your skin hydrated.

Many customers complained about the poor functioning of the machine despite the edgy look.


  • Simple and portable
  • Quiet machine
  • A classy and lavish look of the machine


  • No warranty
  • No manual or CD
  • Machine not properly working

#5 Belloccio Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System

belloccio-turbo-tan-ultra-pro-model-T85-QC-with-spray-tanning-kitKit content:

  • Belloccio 4 Solution Variety Pack
  • 8, 10 & 12% DHA Simple Tan Solutions
  • Opulence Solution
  • Spray Tanning Tent
  • Complete Tanning Accessories Kit
  • Belloccio Airbrush Tanning Getting Started Guide Video

A high-performance HVLP Turbine Tanning machine comes in all type of skin color from fair & olive to deep bronze skin tones. This machine provides natural tanning solution which provides even coating of tan. It not only tan your skin but also help in revitalize and moisturizing your skin due to the blends of vitamins and antioxidants. Coming with detailed manual and CD it becomes an idle kit for beginners. The system comes with 2-year warranty.

Just like most of the machines the only problem they faced it the loud noise of the machine.


  • Detailed manual
  • Vitamins and antioxidant solution
  • 2-year warranty


  • Noisy machine

#6 Belloccio Brand Complete Professional Sunless Tanning Airbrush System

belloccio-professional-sunless-tanning-airbrush-systemKit content:

  • Professional sunless spray tanning airbrush
    • a single-action gravity feed airbrush with a 0.4mm fluid tip
    • 3/4 & 1.5-ounce screw on plastic gravity feed fluid cups
  • Super quiet mini airbrush compressor with 3 airflow control settings
    • 6-foot push on rubber airbrush hose
    • operates at 12V DC with a 110V AC plug-in adapter
  • 4-ounce bottle of “Opulence” DHA tanning solution by Belloccio
    • a superior tanning solution that works with any skin type
    • provides an accelerated full tan within 4 hours
    • paraben free; fast drying with fresh clean fragrance

Belloccio provides a luxurious range of tanning system which has an extremely quiet machine. The carefully designed has made it very easy to use for you along with in-depth user guide and quick start-up pointers. The machine is extremely lightweight and compact making it easy for you to carry and move. The tanning solution gives you a sheer coverage and a graceful glow. It is suitable for every skin type from fair to dark and medium. Unlike other solutions, it gives bronze tanning look. You just need to give 4 hours and you are done with full salon quality tan spray. It has an amalgamation of highly concentrated antioxidants making it a healthier option to switch to your skin. This gives you a golden bronze tan that lasts up to 7-10 days with the even settlement of the tan on your skin. This company gives you a 1-year warranty.

Many people complained about machine malfunctioning but the only solution is you have 1 year warranty so kindly check immediately after geeting a hand on your product and replace it if required.


  • Simple and portable
  • Quiet machine
  • Luxurious range
  • Highly concentrated antioxidants
  • Sheer coverage
  • Suitable for every skin type


  • Machine malfunctioning

Buyer’s Guide to selecting good Tanning spray kit:

  • Correct spray shade :

One should select the kit according to her skin tone.  Thus to get even bronze skin tone it is necessary to choose correct tanning solution.

  • Instruction guide or DVD for perfect application of tan spray :

The buyer should search for the company providing a good instruction guidebook or DVD as it will help them to get a desirable look. Airbrush tanning spray make up is a little bit tricky thus it requires a good knowledge of how to apply and practice along with it.

  • Extra benefits along with kit:

You can even check for the company providing with extra benefits like warranty or a good customer care service center and even tent and carry bags.

Best Spray Tan Machine
  • Best Spray Tan Machine 2023-Reviews and Buyer's Guide


If you are looking for a Spray Tan Machine for the perfect Tan look without undergoing the risk of harmful UV rays under tanning table, then Spray tanning is the perfect option. We have curated the list of Best Spray Tan Machine for you along with expert reviews and buyer’s guide.

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